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Individual Therapy

I know that asking for help can be scary, but I believe this is the first step in a process of making your life more meaningful and more fulfilling.  Life is hard, and you do not have to face it all on your own.  I specialize in working with individuals experiencing a broad range of issues or concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Grief and loss

  • Depression, discontentment, or hopelessness

  • Stress or anxiety

  • Interpersonal, relational, and relationship concerns

  • Trauma and/or abuse

  • Life transitions

  • Issues with self-worth and shame

  • Family conflict/concerns 

  • Existential concerns

  • Medical concerns or diagnoses

    • Chronic illness

    • Terminal illness

  • Caregiver stress or grief/loss issues 

  • Disordered eating or body image concerns


If you are interested in seeking help at this time or if you have questions for me, please feel free to reach out. You may call me for your free phone consultation or message me. 

Individual Therapy



There is a lot of misinformation in our culture today around grief and loss. I would argue that grief is the most poorly handled emotional experience - one which, ironically, we will all face at some point in our lives.  I specialize in working with individuals and groups who are coping with loss or are experiencing grief.  Outside of specializing in working with grieving individuals in therapy, I am able to provide debriefings, consultation and/or training for groups of people who are facing or are interested in issues pertaining to grief and loss. Whether you are a representative of a school impacted by the death of a student or the leader of a workplace where your team could benefit from learning about coping with loss, I am willing and open to help in whatever way I can.   If you believe you may have a need for such training or consultation or have questions for me, please reach out to me.  We can discuss this further during a free phone consultation or you're welcome to message me! 

Grief/Loss Trainng/Consultaton



Initial Consultation/Intake

45-60 minutes



Individual Therapy Session

45-60 minutes


Grief & Loss Training or Consultation

Phone Consultation

10-15 minutes


Initial Consultation for Grief Training

for an Organization

45-60 minutes


* During this consultation meeting, we will explore exactly what your needs are and a price will be discussed at that time. 

Reduced fees may be considered on an individual basis.  I do not want fees to be prohibitive.  If there are issues with making payments, please bring this up with me during our initial (phone or in-person) consultation, so that we can come up with a plan together.  I am willing to be flexible. 




Outside of Lyra, I am not currently accepting insurance. However, I would be happy to provide you with an invoice, which you may share with your insurance provider.  Some insurance carriers will offer reimbursement for mental health services, so I strongly encourage you to discuss this with them prior to our initial consultation. Regardless, payments will always be the responsibility of the client.

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